Social contents

I create contents for social media, both texts and images.
My actual clients are: an artisanal bakery, a recently rebooted city market devoted to gourmet food and drink, a natural wine fair in Milan.


Territory tales

I collect stories from people and places in order to build a storytelling of a region or a territory.
I travel, do interviews, take photos to put light on farmers, products, traditions, events that describe the true soul of a place.

This is what we did for “A Veglia sulle aie di Montespertoli”
a rural festival warming up the Tuscan summer with events in local farms: tastings, dinners, workshop, walks. I renewed the website and curated the section storie sull'aia.

Or with Circolo Semi: building a seeds collection from Milan urban gardens, to shape a new narrative of the peripheries neighborhood.


Copywriting and creativity for brand communication

I write texts for websites or printed materials in order to build awareness and curiosity around the brand.
This is the case of Cantina Monferrina, where I described the new beginning of an ancient wine story. How a young winemaker decided to take its old family winery and renew it with a fresh project: a combination of natural and locally rooted wine, landscape and creativity.

 photo Michele Silvestro for Cantina Monferrina

photo Michele Silvestro for Cantina Monferrina