Telling the daily pleasures of a neighborhood market

I manage the social media of Mercato del Suffragio, a recently rebooted city market devoted to gourmet food and drink.


Collect stories from the Tuscan countryside

A Veglia sulle aie di Montespertoli is a "rural festival" warming up the Tuscan summer with events in local farms: tastings, dinners, workshop, walks.
I renewed the website and curated the section storie sull'aia, interviewing the farmers and writing a story for each of them, in order to build a storytelling of the Montespertoli area, its typical products and traditions.


Describe the new beginning of an ancient wine story

A young wine maker decided to take its old family winery and renew it with a fresh project: a combination of natural and locally rooted wine, landscape and creativity.
I helped him rebuilding the website of his Cantina Monferrina and fill it with words. 

 photo Michele Silvestro for Cantina Monferrina

photo Michele Silvestro for Cantina Monferrina


Creative projects for the urban gardens in Milan

SUPER, the festival of peripheries in Milan wants to shape a new narrative of the city peripheral districts. We organize tours and meetings to let discover the weird and the wonderful of the peripheries, if you don't listen the mainstream media version. 
I'm in charge of the food+urban agriculture topic, so I collect the urban gardens experiences and want to build a seeds library of what they grow.